Oni Gozen

Oni Gozen

In the 16th century in Japan, Oni Gozen was a noblewoman who held the esteemed title of Onna-bugeisha during the Sengoku period. She was not only a skilled martial artist but also a seasoned and knowledgeable military commander. Born Aiko No Kyōki, she was given the nickname “Oni” due to her extraordinary bravery and fearlessness on the battlefield. In Japanese art and literature, “Oni” is a violent and dangerous figure characterized by sharp claws and wild hair. Later, she adopted the suffix “Gozen,” meaning “honorable young lady,” and became known as Oni Gozen, or “Lady Demon.”

During a war, Oni Gozen pledged to “die in battle rather than commit seppuku (hara-kiri).” She led 500 warriors, including her daughter, and fearlessly defended her castle against an enemy army of 6,000 men. Through strategic surprise attacks, Oni Gozen emerged victorious, showcasing her exceptional prowess and unwavering commitment to her cause.

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