Brand Identity

The Warrior Queens Brand with Artistic and Historical Significance

Our goal is to establish the Warrior Queens brand, which is inspired by powerful and brave female warriors. Through our collections, we aim to showcase their strength, courage, and resistance artistically and historically. We primarily focus on warrior women and our unique collections are transformed into wearable art within the textile industry. Our creations offer a stunning visual display that narrates the stories of these remarkable women.

The visual identity of the Warrior Queens brand highlights its distinctiveness and robustness by blending potent, aesthetic, and significant elements. Each detail comprising our brand identity embodies the essence of our collections, which are crafted not only as clothing but also as a manifestation of art and fortitude.

Warrior Queens Wearable Art Collection

Visual Brand Identity

Logotype and Typography

The logo of the Warrior Queens brand consists of a logotype that features calligraphy with both modern and historical qualities. The logotype’s calligraphic details reflect the elegance and power of warrior queens, and typography accompanies the narration of impressive historical stories in our collections while reinforcing our brand identity. The logo, which is composed of typography, brings together powerful and elegant elements in aesthetic balance. It symbolizes the powerful legacy of Warrior Queens with strong female figures and historical elements, creating a logo that encompasses historical allure, feminine strength, and artistic originality, forming the fundamental values of the brand.

Color Palette

Our brand identity uses a distinct color palette that reflects our brand’s personality. Our collections are centered around the color gold, which has been a symbol of power, wealth, and nobility throughout history. The logo of our brand also incorporates the gold color, representing the strength, triumph, and nobility that warrior queens possess. This color emphasizes our brand’s strong stance and immortalizes our collections in a significant way.

Figure and Pattern

The Warrior Queens collection is based on historical warrior women who hold significant value. This collection features unique figures on various art and print products, each carrying the symbols of courageous female warriors from history. Our patterns bring these figures together, telling a unique story. Our collections not only serve as clothing but also as wearable art, with each piece being a carrier of an artwork.

Visual Content

The brand’s visual identity comprises artworks featuring brave female warriors and the stories they embody. The brand’s visual content highlights the power, courage, and historical significance of female warriors.

Interactive Content

Our digital assets, including our website and social media accounts, represent our collection and carry our visual identity. We use written information and visual content to share the stories of historical figures, particularly warrior queens, with a wider audience. Our goal is to create a unique and impactful visual presence that blends our brand’s historical and artistic depth, feminine power, and courage with a modern approach. By doing so, we hope to reflect our brand’s original personality and values and establish a strong connection with our target audience.