Our Story

I am the Discoverer of Queens

Greetings, I am the Discoverer of Queens, a passionate researcher and artist who specializes in exploring the incredible stories of Warrior Queens throughout history. My goal is to pay tribute to the bravest female warriors of all time and share their inspiring stories with the world. My artistic creations mainly feature warrior women figures, and each collection is carefully crafted to honor the courageous women who have made a significant impact in history. I am excited to share with you how I transformed the historically important digital artworks of the Warrior Queen brand into wearable art products and our future plans for the brand.


The Warrior Queens Collection was originally created as an NFT art project. As time passed, the interest in the figures and the stories they represented grew, and I was encouraged to reach a wider audience. I am grateful to all of my friends who supported me during this process. Seeing the impact that my figures and stories had on people, I wanted to expand my reach through the textile industry.

I envisioned these unique figures, representing warrior women, becoming significant pieces that inspire and empower us in our daily lives. I hope that these figures will serve as a source of strength and inspiration for people, and that they will be incorporated into products like T-shirts.

Creation Process

I have a collection of figures that are inspired by the stories of the bravest and most feared female warriors throughout history. During the creative process, I meticulously research the life stories of these historical figures, who hailed from various cultures such as Africa and Asia, and dedicated their lives to fighting inequality and protecting their communities. Through these figures, I hope to add new perspectives and inspire different thoughts by portraying the inspiring stories of these valuable characters.

Source of Inspiration

The inspiration behind my creation of these characters is the remarkable stories of courageous female warriors from history. I have always been deeply moved by the efforts of Warrior Queens who fought against inequality and protected their communities across different cultures. Through my research, I have discovered that each female warrior has a unique and valuable story that deserves to be shared with the world. In order to achieve this, I have visualized figures inspired by these stories, and this website serves as a platform for you to explore the inspiring stories of these warrior queens. I hope that their stories will inspire you, especially during your most challenging moments.


The purpose of creating collections that focus on Warrior Queens is to honor female warriors who dedicated their lives to fighting against inequality. My goal is to become a reliable source of information about Warrior Queens and to inform those interested in the subject. By transmitting the stories of female warriors who struggled in human history to the next generations, I aim to contribute to intergenerational knowledge transfer. The stories of Warrior Queens are filled with valuable elements that can inspire and give courage to people, even in their most desperate moments. It’s important to remember and commemorate female warriors who left their mark with courage in all cultures, whether African, Asian, or others.


The collection called Warrior Queens is not just a series of figures, but a unique collection that also promotes the values embodied by the characters it represents. The core values of the brand that we want to establish are justice, equality, courage, and solidarity. Our brand’s collections aim to reflect these values in their products. Our designs are inspired by human values such as truth, fighting against inequality, courage, perseverance, and community consciousness. We aspire to be a cultural source that embodies both art and history, reminding us of the most important human values. The goal of our collections is to bring the inspiring stories of female warriors from history to today’s people and honor them. Our aim is to keep the powerful legacy of these female warriors alive for future generations. Therefore, this is a collection of high quality and historical and artistic value.

Wearable Art Collections ★

More About The Warrior Queens Brand

The Warrior Queens brand has a distinctive roadmap that takes you on a journey from digital artworks with historical significance to wearable art products. Our goal is to showcase the unique features of the brand, including collaborations with like-minded individuals or organizations, store locations where our products are available, and our brand identity. Through this process, we aim to convey the true value and mission of our brand to you in a meaningful way.

Warrior Queens Branding

Our journey of art and history themed around Warrior Queens will be valuable and profound. We aim to share not only art and clothing but also powerful stories that reflect the strength and courage of these Queens. As we progress through our roadmap, we will create a community, strengthen our brand, and bring meaningful collections to life.

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration as we create our unique collections. Our aim is to grow and improve alongside you, and to encourage a collaborative spirit while taking impactful steps. We invite you to take courageous steps with us, symbolizing the power of warrior queens.

Our collections are designed to pay tribute to courageous female warriors and share their inspiring stories. You can find our products on various platforms including Teepublic, Teespring and Spreadshirt. These exclusive stores not only offer artists and designers the chance to showcase their own creations, but also provide print-on-demand services.

Our brand is dedicated to honoring female warriors who have fought against inequality throughout history and have dedicated themselves to protecting their communities. We operate in the digital art and clothing industries, aiming to establish a strong connection with people who share the same passion. Our core values of understanding and quality are blended into everything we do. Our goal is to grow together with our community and establish trustworthiness as a fundamental aspect of our brand.

We want to create a brand identity that showcases our collections through a visually appealing display. Our visual identity consists of unique figures themed around warrior women and wearable art. It highlights our brand’s uniqueness and power by combining strong, aesthetic, and meaningful elements. These details reflect not only clothing, but also the spirit of our collections, which are designed as an expression of art and power.