Myōrin was a brave Onna-bugeisha, who stood as a heroic female samurai warrior, changing the course of history through her courageous defense of the clan. Her heroism was recognized by Japan’s most powerful ruler, who bestowed upon her the title “Guardian of Tsurusaki.” Myōrin’s remarkable feat unfolded as she successfully defended Tsurusaki Castle against an army of 3,000 men. Despite the limited defenders, Myōrin chose to resist, astonishing enemy generals who were taken aback by a female samurai leading the defense.

With masterful command, Myōrin led her soldiers on the front lines, skillfully evading enemy attacks on 16 occasions. Despite sustaining a deep arrow wound, she persevered in her brave fight, ultimately securing the defense of her castle and emerging victorious in the war. Myōrin’s martial arts acumen and strategic combat skills became a lasting legacy, passed down through generations, immortalizing her as a hero in the annals of history.

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